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Letter Whiz
Customizable collection of professionally written letters for all occasions. Find the right words for writing any type of letter.
ProfNet Experts
Created for journalists by the PR Newswire, this site links you with experts from colleges, corporations and government.

You can access books, magazines, journals, newspapers and encyclopedias without ever leaving the comfort of your chair with this online library.

Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza
This site features market listings for science fiction, horror and fantasy writers. Visit the tombstone page to avoid wasting time submitting to "dead" markets (closed or no longer accepting submissions).

Do you want to know what the average reader thinks? Visit this site to read or post book reviews.

Romance Divas
Welcoming both "divas" and "divadudes," this site has tips and forums to get your reader’s heart racing.

Romance Writing Tips
Not a writing group, despite the URL, this is still a great place for links, tips and articles for romance writers.

Romancing the Christian Heart
is a bimonthly e-zine for the Christian romance writer. Read some short stories or submit one of your own.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Created by the Science Fiction Writers of America, this site’s advice helps writers in all genres avoid scams and legal problems with agents, publishers and contests.

Originally created to support its software (Dramatica, Hollywood Screenwriter), this site has contests, classes and message boards for screenwriters.

Scriptwriters Network
This nonprofit, volunteer-based organization has a networking bulletin board, writing groups and job listings for scriptwriters. YW

Slang City
Created from an English-as-a-Second-Language class, this site covers American slang with fun quizzes and an insult library. Caution—many of the entries include profanity.

Smart Writers
You’ll find what you need to be a children’s writer at this site. It has market listings, submission guidelines and conference information. The site also features author information so schools and bookstores can contact you for appearances. YW

Social Security Administration Baby Names
Do you need a girl’s name that was popular in 1992 for your short-story character? This Social Security Administration site ranks a name’s popularity from 1990 to the present.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators provides grant, conference and market information for its members, with many resources available to nonmembers, too.

Tera's Wish
Award-winning artist Tera Leigh provides articles, tips and exercises to help you find your own creative path.

The Archive of Endangered, Special or Fun Words
Did you know words can be endangered? There’s no fund to save them, but you can view them at this site of "The Archive of Endangered, Special or Fun Words."

The Dabbling Mum
This site has a special section for writers among its tips for all aspects of life as a mom.

The Erma Bomback Writers’ Workshop
The Erma Bomback Writers’ Workshop page is stocked with articles and links for humor writers.

The Fiction Writer's Journey
This site has writing prompts, exercises and message boards to help fiction writers create unique characters and exciting plot lines.

The Nature of Writing
Here’s the niche for niche writing. This site offers nature, food and adventure writing classes.

The Poetry Market
URL: www.thepoetrymarket.com
A poet’s paradise, this site offers a free monthly e-zine featuring poetry contests, markets, book reviews and a message board.

The Writers Journals
URL: groups.msn.com/thewritersjournals/welcome.msnw Entering this site’s monthly poetry and story contests keeps you coming back. If you think you can take it, visit the "Harsh Critique!" discussion board.

The Writing Bridge
URL: www.thewritingbridge.com
Writing challenges, discussions and multiple critique forums are available at this members-only site. Membership is free but must be approved by one of the site’s workshop managers.

URL: www.en.thinkexist.com
Find just the right piece of inspiration here. The site’s 140,000 quotes can be searched by quote, author or topic and then saved to your own personal quotation book.

URL: www.toasted-cheese.com
This site offers honest (but polite) critiques and live chats along with access to articles from its e-zine.

U.S. Copyright Office
URL: www.copyright.gov
This is the official site for all your questions about copyrights, with a special link for literary works.

Universal Writers Group
URL: groups.msn.com/UniversalWritersGroup
This site offers critique boards for all genres, from fairy tales to poetry.

Verla Kay’s Web Site for Children’s Writers
URL: www.verlakay.com/
This site has resources for children’s writers and illustrators including writing tips, business advice and transcripts from award-winning author Verla Kay’s workshops

Wild Child Publishing
URL: www.wildchildpublishing.com
This site is an online literary magazine where you can post entries in nonfiction, fiction or poetry, then discuss and vote for your favorite entries.

Winning Writers
URL: www.winningwriters.com
Winning Writers finds and provides resources for poets and writers. It includes an online contest guide that profiles and ranks more than 650 poetry contests.

URL: www.wordpreneur.com
Wordpreneur.com is filled to the brim with articles to help you make money as a writer.

URL: www.wordtrip.com
Wordtrip.com has discussions for writers of all genres and a special area for young writers. Editors keep the site family friendly with a rating system. YW

Worldwide Freelance
URL: www.worldwidefreelance.com
A visit to its home page says it all: "Find writer’s markets, sell your work to editors, set up a home office and much more."

Write 101
URL: www.write101.com
Write101.com lists more than 600 articles to help you improve your writing skills and includes "Help for Parents" and "Help for Students" sections. YW

Write 4 Kids
URL: www.write4kids.com
This site provides lots of great information to start or continue your career as a children’s writer. It offers a monthly newsletter, tips, message boards, articles and reference books.

Write From Home
URL: www.writefromhome.com
Do you have an extra minute in your life for a writing career? This site is for parents juggling kids, work and writing.

URL: www.writecraftweb.com
This critique group focuses on honest feedback, even when it’s not so polite. Writers must be looking for this kind of candor—the site frequently has a waiting list to join.

Writer Gazette
URL: www.writergazette.com
View the articles to find tips on writing e-books, interviews, news releases and more. Then, visit the job listings and "The ‘Write’ Services" section, which includes finding an editor, book reviewer or Web designer.

Writer Online
URL: www.writeronline.us
This site covers everything from tech writing to poetry and offers courses (available through AbsoluteWrite.com).

Writer's BBS
URL: www.writersbbs.com
This critique group features more than 50 active forums and most add a writing challenge.

Writer's Break
URL: www.writersbreak.com
WritersBreak.com offers advice for fiction and nonfiction writers and publishes interviews with today’s leading authors.

URL: www.writersweekly.com
Freelancers access this e-zine for its resources and articles full of tips and market information.

URL: www.writerswrite.com
WritersWrite.com offers current authors’ writing with career advice articles and links to career resources.

URL: www.writewords.org.uk
This site features a searchable database of freelance jobs in the United Kingdom, but its "Articles" and "Writers’ News" sections are helpful for writers around the world.

Writing Fix
URL: www.writingfix.com
Teachers and students created writing games and prompts to stimulate writers of all ages at this site. Try the "Interactive Instant Plot" or write a story using its "3 Serendipitous Nouns." YW

Writing It Real
URL: www.writingitreal.com
The "real" in this site’s URL comes from its focus on writing from real-life experiences. You have free access to "Resources for Writers," but other services require a subscription.

Writing on the Run
URL: www.writingontherun.com
This site has a mom-and-pop feel to it with a warm welcome letter and a picture of the creators on the front page. Read through the articles and take the pet personality quiz for writers.

Writing World
URL: www.writing-world.com
This site makes it easy to take writing classes with its no meeting/no schedule approach. YW

URL: www.writing.com
This site offers forums, a newsletter, contest information, classifieds and more. The focus is on feedback, and it offers a free basic membership.

Written Road
URL: www.writtenroad.com
This site features articles and market information for the travel writer from Jen Leo, author of Sand in my Bra and Other Misadventures: Funny Women Write From the Road.

21st Century Publishing
Learn more about the world of print-on-demand publishing and marketing and promoting your work at this 21st Century Publishing site.

A Long Story Short
This e-zine features women writers and showcases its favorite contributions to the site. The site’s submission committee provides critiques to aspiring writers, time permitting.

Since many abbreviations and acronyms are learned on a need-to-know basis, visit this site for thousands of entries, including Internet emoticons.

Absolute Write
Do you need freelance work? Stay in the loop with this site’s two newsletters: One lists agents looking for writers, while the other has guidelines, jobs for writers and calls for submissions.

Agent Query
This searchable database shortens your search for an agent. Search by fiction or nonfiction genres and limit your search to agents accepting submissions or e-queries.

Agent Research
Use this free service to see if an agent is on the up-and-up. Agent information is updated from public records.

All Books Review
Find a comprehensive list of book reviews in various genres and read authors’ comments at this site.

All Info
Visit this site’s specialized links to get information on writing poetry, freelance, fantasy literature and mysteries. Then view the site’s other links for background information on everything from nursery rhymes to jewelry making.

Angle on Writing
A revision checklist, tips to start a writing group and give feedback, plus a 50-question character profile are all available here.

Appollo's Lyre
Visit this site for book reviews, submission guidelines and publication venues. Young writers can check out its Junior Muses link. YW

Artella—the name comes from combining "art" and "telling"—strives to create a new art form by combining words with art. To get your creative juices flowing, the site offers an e-zine, poetry contests, forums and creativity seeds.

Author Mania
Visit this site to work on your writing craft by reading its articles that help you build believable characters, plots and more.

Use this site to give and receive feedback on books, articles, poetry and stories. Then store your favorite for easy access.

Find critique forums, tips and writing resources, plus agents, authors and editors as guest speakers in discussion forums. The site has a $30 annual membership fee and offers a free five-day trial.

Go to this site for literary definitions, quotations and access to more than 370,000 Web pages.

You can find book reviews from the site’s editors, plus links to other reviews and a literary "link of the day" at this site.

Blue Oasis Online Support Team
Blue Oasis Online Support Team exists for children’s writers, but forum discussions and tips benefit writers of all genres.

Brady magazine
The online e-zine now gives writing courses as prizes for its contests. Brady also offers critiques, marketing and Web site hosting.

Bulwer-Lytton Contest
Here you can pen the worst opening line for a novel. This competition is based on Edward George Bulwer-Lytton’s "It was a dark and stormy night" novel opening.

Christian Writer's Market Guide
Find Christian market and conference information or have the site’s director evaluate your book contract.

Coffeehouse for Writers
For encouragement, take one of this site’s workshops or find a writing partner in its "Writer Buddy" classified ads section.

Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group
URL: www.csfwg.org
If you live in the Pike’s Peak area, then the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group offers networking, critique groups and more. Writing resources and the group’s archives are available online.

Creativity for Life
URL: www.creativityforlife.com
Do you need a break from your writing? Maybe you need a creative spark to get past your writer’s block. Visit this site for personal and workplace creativity articles to give you inspiration for life.

Creativity Portal
URL: www.creativity-portal.com
Visit this site for arts-and-crafts article ideas and stay inspired with its writing prompts.

Electronic Book Reviews
URL: www.electronicbookreviews.com
Members provide reviews of e-books. The site also has a list of links for writers interested in e-publishing.

Eye on Books
URL: www.eyeonbooks.com
Writers should read, too. Visit this site for book reviews and author interviews, and hear what authors have to say about writing in "The Writer’s Craft."

URL: www.fanstory.com
FanStory.com guarantees reviews for everything you write. There’s a fee if you want to submit, but the site offers free membership if you want only to read other submissions.

Fiction Factor
URL: www.fictionfactor.com
Connect with other fiction writers through the site’s forum or e-classes. Then visit its sister sites for fantasy, horror, romance and children’s writing.

Foward Motion
URL: www.fmwriters.com
Writing as a hobby is all well and good, but this site uses its 20 critique circles, chats, discussion forums and classes to help you achieve your dreams of publication. YW

Freelance Writing Organization-International
URL: www.fwointl.com
Freelance Writing Organization-International is a free site with an online database of resource links for writers and more than 3,000 job listings.

Funds For Writers
URL: www.fundsforwriters.com
Anyone who says you can’t make a living as a freelance writer hasn’t been to this site. It lists paying grants, contests, markets and fellowships.

Go Publish Yourself
URL: www.go-publish-yourself.com
To answer your self-publishing questions, log onto this site full of resources and articles on the subject. The site also includes interviews with successful self-published authors.

URL: www.google.com
Do you need an inspirational quote? Google lists more than one million links for this search. Use this search engine and get the information you need in seconds.

Hollywood Lit Sales
URL: www.hollywoodlitsales.com
This site is for screenwriters looking to make it big in Hollywood. You can submit material or use the phone evaluation service.

How Stuff Works
URL: www.howstuffworks.com
When you want to add credibility to your story, come here first to learn how to, say, pick a lock or walk on fire.

Institute of Children's Literature
URL: www.institutechildrenslit.com
You can access class schedules and free writing tips. This school also offers college credits and is part of the Long Ridge Writer’s Group.

Literary Mama
URL: www.literarymama.com
Don’t let the site’s casual name fool you: These writers are serious. The site focuses on mothers writing about motherhood but also features a literary criticism area.

Long Ridge Writer's Group
URL: www.longridgewritersgroup.com
This site offers free tips, transcripts of interviews, discussion forums and its "Breaking Into Print" writing course.

URL: www.meryl.net
This site focuses on Web, technological and word geeks. You can also sign up for the eNewsletter Journal.

URL: pages.ivillage.com/rockofrealm/museitup
Fiction writers of all genres are welcome at this site. Groups are limited to five members per group to keep feedback to a one-on-one basis.

National Novel Writing Month
URL: www.nanowrimo.org
If you think writing a 50,000-word novel in one month’s time sounds like fun, visit the site for National Novel Writing Month.

Nebraska Center for Writers
URL: mockingbird.creighton.edu/ncw/index.htm
This site from the Nebraska Center for Writers provides links to quotes, reference sites and software for writers of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Once Written
URL: www.oncewritten.com
This site is for the yet-to-be published crowd and features giveaways, writing prompts and book reviews to get your career up and running.

URL: www.planetesme.com
This site provides all you need to know about children’s literature with book reviews, lists of award winners and links to other sites.

Preditors & Editors
URL: www.anotherealm.com/prededitors
Preditors & Editors looks out for writers, game designers and artists and uses its site to help you find legit agents, publishers and contests.
Great Writing Resources
Homestudy Courses
Home Study College Courses in complementary health therapy. Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychology etc. Many home study courses.

How to write an essay - EssayInfo.com is your ultimate guide for effective and graceful writing. The site offers writing tips, notes on various citation styles, guides for different essay types writing, and easily understandable resume and cover letter writing rules.

Link Exchange NET : Find Link Partners, Swap Links
Free reciprocal links directory designed to help webmasters find link partners, swap links and thus to increase web site pagerank and traffic.

Fish Publishing runs the Fish Short Story Prize, one of the largest international short story competitions.  They also run poetry, crime, and historical fiction competitions and provide a full editorial consultancy service designed to provide writers with one to one, on-going, constructive feedback on their work, whether it is a complete novel or
just the beginnings.

A Cappela Publishing
Patrika Vaughn - All Things Writing and Publishing. 
Your Author's Advocate will work with you to get your writing up to publishable standards and get your works placed.

Whim's Place
Krissy Brady, editor
Whim's Place offers an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction, assured to provide something of interest to everyone.  Also hosting a quarterly flash fiction contest-- check out website for contest details.

Dave and Lillian Brummet, authors of Trash Talk (waste reduction), Towards Understanding (non-fiction poetry) & Purple Snowflake Marketing (book promotion), are thrilled to announce their 1/2 hour talk radio show: "Conscious Discussions".  The Brummet's and their guests will discuss the environment, the value of the individual and the world of writing. Conscious Discussions is aired every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PST at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions - archived shows will be available.

Looking for a way to promote your book with an effective and frugal marketing plan? Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd.

Release date: June 15th, 2007 - ISBN#193335304X) is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snowstorm of writers. With 19 chapters and 21 Appendixes, and more than 500 links this e-book is a means for authors to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. Author site: http://www.myspace.com/canadianauthor