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'The tribute to learning is teaching.'
Instructor:  Jamieson Wolf Villeneuve

The MUSE can come from anywhere. In olden days, it was believed that Muses resided inside us and around us. Gods that would bestow gifts to normal mortals so that they would produce pieces of work or song. Just as Gods could be mischievous, they could also bestow helpful gifts. It was a Muses job to inspire, to get that kernel of an idea stuck in a mortal’s head.

After all, that small kernel could turn out to be a grand, epic novel or a beautiful piece of music. The Muse will focus on that inspiration and help people who want to write put that pencil to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard).

Each class will focus on a different style of writing.

Class One: Finding the Inspiration to Write

The first class will focus on the impulse of writing. Students will write a piece after working out where the inspiration for writing comes from for them. I will ask students to go and listen to a conversation and produce a small short story inspired from that conversation.

Class Two: Time and History form our Past

The second session will focus on the past and it’s inspirational factors. Time, place, setting, mood. These are all important elements in writing. The students will produce a story in the form of a written letter to someone from the past.

Class Three: He has a lot of Character

The third class will take a look at the beginning of writing a short story and it’s important elements: Character, Place, Setting and Time. I will have the student’s think of three characters and have me write bios for them. Then I will have them think of a setting for the story.

Class Four: The Plot Thickens

The fourth class will focus on the other element of a story: Plot. Now I will have the students write a short story using the characters they have created. They will have to focus on plot and having the characters interact with each other.

Class Five: Poetry is Words in Motion

The fifth class will focus on different types of poetry: Haiku, Prose and Abstract. Students will learn a bit about each form of poetry and then try their hand at writing their own poetry creations.

Class Six: Even when it’s not Fiction, there is a Story

The sixth class will focus on article and column writing. I will talk a bit about the differences between articles (news items and factual recounting) and columns (prose of a more personal nature). I will then have the students choose to write either a column or an article on something that inspires them.

The sixth class will also have an afterward on how to start a writing career over the internet.

Sessions begin:  The class will run for 12 weeks with a new class every other Wednesday.  New course terms begin several times a month - check with instructor for next available class start date.
Course:  12 weeks
Tuition: $65 
(w/mentoring - $75)
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Jamieson Wolf has often viewed the world with a different eye than most people. Anything can be a story; a conversation, a flight of birds, a song. Words come from inspiration. Jamieson often feels he has too many words. "I guess I have a lot of Muses." He says, "If I don't write, I go crazy."

Writing from an early age, Jamieson was not really aware that he wanted to become a writer. Starting with poetry, he slowly began to fill journals with words. They words didn't really have meaning to him at the time; they were scratches on paper. Turning away from his words for a time, trying to find his way in the big world of the corporate drones, he enjoyed a great many different hats.

One night, after a particularly bad day at his zillionth office job, Jamieson came upon his old journals and started reading. When he was done, night had come, but instead of sleeping he got up and found a blank journal. And started writing.

"The words just kept coming." he says. "It was like they were there, underneath my skin all the time. I just didn't know it. I wanted to be an actor you know." Here he bends forward and sits in a more comfortable position. "I went to school for it and everything. I loved the acting." He makes a face. "I just didn't like the people."

Reading those words was like an epiphany. Jamieson knew what he wanted to do at that point; but it would take time. Approaching the art of writing like a Bard in training (Seven Years Learning, Seven Years Practicing, Seven Years Teaching) Jamieson has branched outward to give his voice it's hold.

Currently his work is avable in: Susan Sarandon: A True Maverick and Fantasies: The World's Greatest Short Stories. He has also had his fiction published in: The Dark Krypt, Clean Sheet's Erotica, Mytholog, The House of Pain, The Twilight Times and others. He is currently a Senior Reviewer at Linear Reflections and is currently working on his fourth serial novel and a dark children's tale.

"I just love what I do." He says. "I'm going to be telling stories for a long time to come. It's like I can tap into the world around me and hear the tattoo under the ground. It's quite the feeling."

Jamieson currently resides with his cat Mave in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  More information on my writing is available at my web site:  Jamieson Wolf.

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