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Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish and Market Your BookNow Available in e-Book Format
(Basic Writing Skills)
Instructor:  Patrika Vaughn

Week 1:   Before You Write

Writing Fears:

Short of manning an observation post in the Arctic, there are few jobs as lonely as writing. It's just you, your computer or typewriter or pencil, and those vast blank sheets of paper. This kind of situation creates fear.  Loneliness tends to bring out your self-doubts, insecurities and worries.  Let's look at the ten most common fears among writers and find out how to get rid of them.

What You Need to Know Before You Write  (This is going to surprise you!)

Week 2:  Getting Started

Knowing your plot; letting ideas spill out; grouping ideas into an outline or theme; keeping a notebook; getting to know your Main Character; creating the action if your story.

Week #3: The Factors of Writing

Subject, Author, Purpose and Voice and how these factors interact to create the alchemy of good writing.

Week #4: Telling the Tale

Now that you've  gathered your material and gotten to know your characters,  choose the best point of view and choose your narrator. This week's class will show you how.

Week #5: Creating Characters

12 Things to Know about your Characters, and what to share with your readers.

Week #6: Creating Your Plot
All stories are about a character who wants or needs something badly.   The plot revolves around what obstacles are in the character's way, and how the character deals with them.

This week you will decide what you want to happen to your Main Character, and make sure that your ending follows from your beginning and middle.

This class can run from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.
Registration: Starts every other Wednesday

Tuition:  $115 for 6 weeks
Private Mentoring:  $35 
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Patrika Vaughn is President of A Cappela Publishing, Inc. and CEO of eLit Agent. She is a widely published author of articles, books, audiobooks and online classes for writers.

She has been awarded the Order of Excellence by Who's Who in the 21st Century and is listed in Outstanding People of the 21st Century and The International Authors and Writers Who's
A widely published author herself, Patrika is known as the world's foremost Author's Advocate. She guides authors through the processes of writing, marketing and publishing (see www.acappela.com) and is the pioneer of electronic literary agenting (www.eLitAgent.com).

Patrika's mission is to help new authors get published. To accomplish this, she has created a ‘"one-stop shop." Through A Cappela Publishing, Advocate House and eLitAgent, Patrika works with authors from concept through publication, offering both consulting and editing until a marketable work has been achieved. She also helps authors pinpoint their markets and can either produce books for self-publishers or represent them to publishing houses through her innovative electronic agenting service.

She holds a B.A. in Literature and Anthropology from New College (the honors program for the State of Florida) and did her postgraduate work in World Literature at the University of Arkansas.
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