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T.C. McMullen began her first novel shortly after finishing the Breaking Into Print course from Long Ridge Writers Group in 1995.  She continued to study the writing craft, found an agent, worked with an editor, then chose a new way of publishing.  In 2001, she published her first novel, Whispers of Insanity, followed by her second, Gone Before Dawn in 2003.  She worked as senior editor and head artistic development editor of Global Authors Publications before going freelance with both her editing and designing services.  She has since written The Manipulated Evil Trilogy with The Unseen: Book One and Scattered Souls: Book Two in print and Scorching Eden: Book Three to be released autumn 2005.  She also heads Silver Moon Magazine, a magazine geared toward the darker genres.
Thriller author of:
Whispers of Insanity
The Manipulated Evil Series
The Unseen: Book One
Scattered Souls: Book Two

Soul Building: The Breathing Fictional Character
Instructor: T.C. McMullen

Workshop Duration: 4 weeks

Workshop Syllabus:

Learn to create living, breathing, feeling fictional beings capable of reaching from the pages to grab your readers by their throats and have them hanging on to every page for more.

Week One: Name Power

Much is in a name, we hear one, and we develop an opinion about the person. Choosing one is important in fiction for this reason. You will learn how to use a name to strengthen character personality, where to find names, and how to put names together with genres and stories.

Week Two: Create History

We all have history. So must your fictional soul. Start in the beginning. Create and learn everything about your character from their childhood and school years to their deep dark secrets.

Week Three: Learn Perception:

Learn how to create a character who sees the world (or their world) from a different angle than you do and keep them real. Learn how to view, hear, smell and touch everything through their eyes and how to empathize with them even if you don’t always agree.

Week Four: The Interview

The last lesson is to answer the questions of a basic interview for each individual character and keep them true to themselves. Learn how to "think" like your character and fully bring them to life.


This course will teach you how to build imaginary characters so strong they take on a life of their own, ready to whisper to you their tales.

Prerequisite: Students must be devoted individuals with the desire and imagination to create strong fiction
Workshop Duration: 4 Weeks
Class start:  every other week
Tuition: $75
Private Mentoring: $35
Contact TC.

Recommended Reading for the course:

The Writer’s Digest Sourcebook for Building Believable Characters by Marc McCutcheon

T.C. McMullen
Thriller author of Whispers of Insanity
and The Manipulated Evil Series
The Unseen: Book One
Scattered Souls: Book Two
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