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Self-editing Made Easy
Instructor: Roseanne Dowell

Class Description and Objectives

Editing is, by far, the most difficult part of writing. Okay, one of the most difficult.  Editing is where we have to cut precious words, sentences, or maybe even whole paragraphs.  How do we even go about editing? Okay, most of us know to look for punctuation. That’s the easy part. After all we’ve all learned about commas, periods, question marks and exclamation marks in school, didn’t we? Even if we forgot most of what we learned, there are books to help refresh us.  But what about the other parts of editing. More importantly, what are the other parts? Did we show, instead of tell? Have we created our characters and shown them without the author’s voice interfering? Have we created enough description? How about describing our surroundings and other things. Have we added the five elements necessary to our story?  Are our POV’s consistent or have we head hopped all over the place? Have we used the proper dialogue? Added thoughts and action tags? Avoided adverbs or other unnecessary words? Proper editing takes almost as much time as writing. Maybe even more
Roseanne Dowell will help you learn how to cut (ouch) words, sentences, and paragraphs to make your story stronger, more believable, and more importantly – more publishable.

Each session with Roseanne will have text to read and examples, as well as assignments. Roseanne will work with you one on one through email.

Basic Outline

Session 1 – Showing, not telling
Objective – Learning the basics of showing, not telling to help keep the pace of the story.
Description – Roseanne teaches the difference between show and tell – You’ll edit a short story using this technique.

Session 2 – Creating and describing your characters, places and things.
Objective – Learning to avoid the author’s voice when creating character, places and things.
Description – Roseanne teaches you how to describe your characters, surroundings, and even things through the character’s POV, keeping the author’s voice out of the story.
You’ll edit a short story using what you’ve learned.

Session 3 -  Keeping your POV consistent
Objective – Learning how to use more than one POV and avoid head hopping.
Description – Roseanne teaches you how to write one POV per scene.
You’ll edit a short story using what you’ve learned.

Session 4 – Proper dialogue, tags, and thoughts
Objective – Learning how to write dialogue, add thoughts, and action tags.
Description – Roseanne teaches the proper technique for writing dialogue, adding action tags or thoughts instead of he said/she said. You’ll edit a short story using what you’ve learned.

Session 5 – Common Mistakes
Objective – Learning to avoid common writing mistakes.
Description – Roseanne shows you a list of words that can almost always be avoided. You’ll edit a story using what you’ve learned.

Session 6 – Formatting our manuscript – Putting it all together
Objective – Learning the MS tools to help you format and edit.
Description – Roseanne teaches you how to properly format your manuscript, how to use MS tools to find and replace words, as well as how to use the thesaurus and documents map.  You’ll edit a story using what you’ve learned.

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Start Date: Ongoing, restarts every two weeks
Duration 6 weeks.
Limit  10 students 
Tuition: $95
Class Materials  Instructor will be provided by instructor. 
Individual Tutoring available -$35 extra mentoring
Contact Roseanne.

ROSEANNE DOWELL:  As the second youngest of six children, Roseanne always had a vivid imagination and loved to make up stories. She often sat and daydreamed about  imaginary characters and lost herself in books and make-believe worlds.

Roseanne especially loves reading and writing mystery and romance – mysteries combined with romance are her all time favorites. Her favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark and Nora Roberts.

Her love of writing began as a teenager, but it wasn’t until recent years that she pursued it seriously, when she admitted in a discussion at her book club that she always regretted not writing. With encouragement from fellow book-club members, NEORWA and her husband, Roseanne began writing and submitting her work.

Although Satin Sheets is her first published novel, she has over forty articles and stories published in magazines such as Good Old Days, Nostalgia, and Ohio Writer along with several online publications.  Satin Sheets was nominated for the IPPY Award and was a finalist in the Reader’s Choice Award from Author Island.

Besides teaching three writing courses for Long Story School of Writing, Roseanne teaches a writing course at Cuyahoga Community College. She was the Senior Editor of an online magazine and wrote two columns.

In her spare time, Roseanne enjoys spending time with her six children and thirteen grandchildren.  Her hobbies include ceramics, knitting, quilting, and jewelry making. But her first love is writing. Roseanne resides with her husband of forty-five years in Northeast Ohio.  You can visit Roseanne’s website at: http://www.roseannedowell.com

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