Long Story Short School of Writing
'The tribute to learning is teaching.'
Writing as an Extreme Sport! - NOW IN EBOOK FORMAT!
(Rewriting Your Own Work)
Instructor:  Jane Bernard

Re-writing is a skill that takes a certain amount of academic knowledge, an insight into psychology, and often an awareness of who your audience is and what they want.

Re-writing is like polishing a fine gem to get the right glint.  It's ultimately satisfying and brings out the best in your writing.

Objective:  This workshop will help you to hone your skills and polish your work so that it shines.

We will work with your stories, essays, presentations or scripts.

Week 1:  The Right Approach -  This session will introduce you to what to look for when rewriting your work.  Simple guidelines will be established and you will begin re-writing your work of choice immediately.

Week 2: Before and After- Based on what you have re-written, we will review the 'before and after' and learn how to take it to the next level.

Week 3:  The Process Continues-  Continued evaluation of your re-write will involve recognizing patterns and creating short cuts.

Week 4:  Goals- Re-writing to communicate clearly, entertain, educate or to keep a diary that will become a treasure, are all possible goals. We will continue to evaluate the re-write work and reinforce the guidelines for achieving your goal.

Start Date:  Classes run continuously - contact instructor. Courses are scheduled when 3 or more students have enrolled.
Duration: 4 weeks
Limit:  N/A
Class Materials:  Instructor will provide. 
Tuition:  $90  -  For single individual courses (one student only) - $175
Tutorial Option  $35
Contact Jane.
Jane Bernard has had the pleasure of being a professional writer and educator for the past 25 years.  Starting as a technical writer working for educational thinktanks, then educational television, ghost writing speeches, re-writing books, screenplays, proposals, etc, Jane continues to write and re-write for the fields of entertainment, medicine and art.  At the same time Jane has been a writing professor at several colleges in NY and conducted creative writing workshops.   She has been published on and off line, had work optioned and readings of her theatrical scripts.  Recently she has written "Fine Tuning" which teaches people how to use their 5 senses to recognize and tune in to their intuition. Jane loves writing and believes that the great things we accomplish in life pale next to the great effort that went into them.  Through writing there is no greater opportunity in any of our lives than daring to be as great as we might yet become. 
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Long Story Short School of Writing
'The tribute to learning is teaching.'