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T.C. McMullen jumped into the world of novel writing after completing the Breaking Into Print course from Long Ridge Writers Group in the mid 1990’s. She studied hard into everything from writing a novel to publishing and saw her first title in print fall 2002.  She is the author of five novels, Whispers of Insanity, Gone Before Dawn, and reader and reviewer praised Manipulated Evil Trilogy: The Unseen: Book One, Scattered Souls: Book Two, and Scorching Eden: Book Three.  In 2003 she worked as Senior Editor for Global Authors Publications.  She has since gone freelance with editing and design services, assisting authors from Star Publish and Global Authors Publications as well as operating her own company for darker genres.  A mother of three, she has also assisted with editing for two ezines and maintains all her websites while working on her next novels.
Thriller author of:
Whispers of Insanity
The Manipulated Evil Series
The Unseen: Book One
Scattered Souls: Book Two

Novel Building:  101
Beginning to End and Beyond
Instructor: T.C. McMullen
Workshop Duration: 8 Weeks
Email Course using Microsoft Word files

Workshop Syllabus:

Writing a novel seems to be everyone’s dream but many die on the vine within the first few chapters and are tossed aside to never be seen again. Novel writing is a skill that can be taught. The mid novel hurdles can be overcome.  In Novel Building 101, T.C. McMullen will help you get started with your story from generating your idea into a strong novel backbone to writing the first chapter. Students will receive tip sheets along with personalized lessons and interaction through email with the instructor. This enables the instructor to comment directly on each student’s work file to better communicate the skills in each lesson. Those who complete the course will receive an ebook of writing tips.

Lesson 1: Discovering the Tale: two weeks

Week One, Step One:

In this lesson, students will learn steps to planning their tale from exploring the tale’s purpose to grasping an idea of its intended market audience.

Week Two, Step Two:

This week students will learn basic plot designs and develop the best plot combination for their story. They will create an outline of important scenes they see happening in their story from the beginning to the end.

Lesson 2: Creating the Cast: two weeks

In this lesson, students will create detailed character outlines for their main characters (antagonist and protagonist) using character developing forms provided by the instructor. Secondary characters will also be developed to surround the main characters. Each character’s purpose and need will be assessed.

Lesson 3: Creating the Set: two weeks

This lesson, students will explore the settings needed for their story from season to geographical area, type of home and style of room/car etc.  Using the outline from Lesson one, they will assign sets to their scenes.

Lesson 4: Where to Begin: two weeks

This lesson, the student with instructor’s help will choose a scene to begin and write a first chapter for the instructor to fully edit and steer in the right direction.

Objectives:  In this course, students will learn where to begin with their novel and finish an outline as well as a first chapter.

Prerequisite: A student willing to learn and work fast on in depth projects.

Workshop Duration: 8 Weeks,  - contact instructor for start dates.
(This class can be taken in two parts at $75 each.  See Novel Writing 102.)
Tuition: $75
Private Mentoring: $30 per student per course

Contact TC.

Recommended Reading for the course:

Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Rennie Browne and Dave King

The Writer’s Digest Sourcebook for Building Believable Characters by Marc McCutcheon

Recommended Reading for Book Authors:
The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard Johnson

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