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Fine Tuning The Senses                Now Available in e-Book Format!
Instructor:  Jane Bernard

Fine tuning your 5 senses gives you the power to excite, entice and entertain with your writing. Writing is about connecting to passion and we access our passion through what we sense. 

This workshop is intended to be fun, educational and inspiring.

Objective: Focusing on the senses turns the key, opening doors to your imagination. Fine tuning the senses lets you access the passion that enables you to clarify your message. Upon completion of this workshop, you will feel empowered and inspired as a writer and a communicator.

I will be offering this workshop in 3 separate formats.

An optional reading list will be provided.

Workshop #1:  5 hours:  An intense one day workshop focusing on interactive writing exercises using the 5 senses that culminates in the creation of a platform that connects you with your intuition and your reader. (12 students). Cost $75.

Workshop #2:  6 weeks:  Each week will focus on the development of awareness of one sense (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) with the final week focusing on the intuition and how these connect. There will be weekly writing assignments and feedback. The goal will be to write provocative and satisfying pieces in a format of choice. $95

Workshop #3:  6 months (2x a month):  Spend a month concentrating on each of the five senses, culminating with a focus on how these are enhanced and connected by your intuition. Also, how the emotions work with the senses in the writing arena will be explored.  The goal of this long term class is to tune into your observations and insights enabling you to create or to complete writing that's been waiting for the right moment.  It also offers a satisfying experience for the casual writer to contemplate, create and enjoy the writing process from an intuitive perspective. The current session will begin February 7, 2007.  Cost $145.

Classes run all year continuously - contact instructor.
Duration: See above.
Limit:   N/A except for Workshop #1
Class Materials:  Instructor will provide. 
Tuition:  See under Workshop options
Individual Mentoring Option  $35
Contact Jane.
Jane Bernard has had the pleasure of being a professional writer and educator for the past 25 years.  Starting as a technical writer working for educational thinktanks, then educational television, ghost writing speeches, re-writing books, screenplays, proposals, etc, Jane continues to write and re-write for the fields of entertainment and art.  Jane has been a writing professor at several colleges in NY and conducted creative writing workshops. She has been published on and off line, had her work optioned and readings of her theatrical scripts.  Recently she has published Fine Tuning, Connecting with Your Inner Power, a book which teaches people how to use their 5 senses to recognize and tune in to their intuition.
Currently she is doing television and radio appearences talking about the power of the gift of our intuition.  Jane loves writing and believes that the great things we accomplish in life pale next to the great effort that went into them.  Through writing there is no greater opportunity in any of our lives than daring to be as great as we might yet become. Visit Jane's
Visit Jane's Website.
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